Growing healthy natural hair can be challenging. You have to stick to a regimen, always wear a bonnet, put your hair in protective styles, and a lot of other rituals. Now if after all your hard work your hair doesn't come out luxuriant as we want it, it can be frustrating. Here are four tips to help you build and maintain confidence in your natural hair.

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1. Love your hair.

You may jump from a skyscraper, eat a dish of garlic, belch in front of your crush. But never ever compare your hair with someone else's. It's the fastest way to depression (and believe me, it's worse than a dish of garlic). You end up worrying more, feeling less motivated and it ultimately doesn't help your hair health. The first step (and perhaps the most important step) to being confident in your natural hair is to love it and accept it the way it is, texture and all. To be clear, this doesn't mean that if your hair is in a bad state of health you should accept it. No. Unhealthy hair is a sign that you may not have been giving your hair the care it deserves. Acceptance in this context means that you embrace your hair's natural properties like your texture, porosity, color, type and density and you wouldn't change a thing about it. If you're low porosity, don't wish to be high porosity and vice versa. Rather than try to change those properties of your hair (and you can't because those are determined largely by genetics), learn the proper way to care for your hair as it is not as you wish it to be.

2. Join a community.

A problem shared is a problem half solved, right? We all need the support and encouragement a community of like-minded individuals with the common goal of growing healthy natural hair offers. A community is like a home where you can let go of your insecurities and just be yourself without the fear of being judged. You get to meet ladies with hair problems similar to yours, share solutions and grow together. However, some communities can be toxic and breed competition rather than foster confidence. That is why you should join upbuilding groups like the Curl BFF Community. You'll get tips and tricks on hair care, receive expert advice to grow your hair the right way, and form lasting relationships. You may also sign up get these tips right in your email.

3. Keep your hair moisturized.

90% of the time the reason our hair doesn't look as glamorous as we would want it is because it lacks moisture. Our hair needs as much moisture as possible. Dry hair does not look beautiful or confident. So be sure that moisturizing is a big part of your hair routine. Look out for products that have water as their first ingredient like the AdoreYourCurls Lemon Glaze Conditioning Shampoo and Cake Batter Hair Mask. Such products are good for infusing moisture in your hair and making it look lush and supple.

4. Rock your fro.

You don't expect to get compliments about your hair when you always have it hidden under weaves. Let your hair breathe. Show it to the world. Keep your head high and your shoulders square and rock that fro like it's the only thing that matters. Try out different styles. That way you'll figure out which you're most confident in while experiencing the beauty that comes with versatility.

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