Adore Your Curls started in 2017 when the CEO & Founder Monet Denson decided to bleach her hair, she had to step up to the plate and start maintaining it herself when she noticed the bleach was still damaging her hair.

Though Monet would visit the hair salon every two weeks to keep it up, she eventually saw there was still breakage. She started watching natural hair videos, searching social media, and even researching about different textured hair and how to keep it up. Monet shortly began her transitioning natural hair journey.

Others would always ask question 's about her hair & she would tell them exactly how she did it and what she used. Eventually, the vision to a put together a kit that includes everything that helped throughout her journey and could help other African-American women who have challenges came about. Monet knows how difficult it could be to maintain diffident hair textures.

Adore Your Curls is here for you if you may not know where to start or struggling through the process. We're in this together. Let's inspire each other to love our natural hair. It's beautiful!

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Monet Denson is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and Seattle native now living in Dallas,TX. She created her natural hair business Adore Your Curls in July 2017, to inspire, promote and educate others on the importance of maintaining healthy hair. Adore Your Curls is not where she wants to stop.